Visit FirstFit at Booth #4538

Live patient demo of the FirstFit Veneer System with Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi and Dr. Frederick Solomon

The FirstFit Veneer System utilizes the latest digital technology, combining 3D printed prep guides with a unique delivery tray that enables you to place up to 10 veneers at one time while preserving healthy tooth structure.

The delivery tray provides full visibility of the veneers so seating, angulation and the margins are perfectly aligned. The provided prep guides minimize tooth preparation so the teeth are reshaped to exact specifications for the veneers and any over-reduction is eliminated.

Greater NY Dental Meeting
Monday, Dec. 2, 1:30 - 2:45pm
Booth #433 (at back of Aisle 400)

2 CEU for attendees

Dr. Cyrus

Dr. Frederick

Join Dr. Tahmasebi and Dr. Solomon as they take you on a journey into one of the latest innovations in digital technology as it relates to restorative dentistry in your day-to-day practice. A complete discussion about this novel and efficient guided tooth preparation system with immediate prosthetic delivery will be presented. The benefits and workflows that enable clinicians to prepare and seat a final restoration in the same appointment will be presented live on stage, ending with an enlightening question-and-answer session.

Get Certified in FirstFit Technology

Become a certified FirstFit Authorized Practice at Greater NY 2019:
Wednesday, Dec. 4, 9:45am – 12:45pm
Speaker: Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi, DDS
Location: Nash Conference Room, Exhibit Floor, Classroom 3, Room #6009
$250 off for doctors who certify at the show